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Oscar Suites & Viewing Dinner Photos
Take a look inside our Oscar Suites.
Click here to view photos from our Oscar Suites and Viewing Dinners hosted by Roger and Lynn Neal of Roger Neal's Style Hollywood....(more)

Spa Services at the Roger Neal Style Hollywood Suites
Stars, stylists and media love getting pampered at the Roger Neal Style Hollywood Suites. Some of the services offered are Longmi Lashes by Daniel and Facials by GM Collin.
The staff at Roger Neal Hollywood Suites set up appointments for these special services. It is our pleasure to offer A-List stars the option to have that section of the Suite private while they enjoy the spa services. Stars this year will enjoy facials and eyelash extensions.....(more)

Hollywood Museum - 2017 Presenting Sponsors
"Presenting Sponsor" for Roger Neal's 2017 Oscar Viewing Dinner.
The Hollywood Museum, the official museum of Hollywood, has the most extensive collection of Hollywood memorabilia in the world. The museum, featuring four floors of breathtaking exhibits

Suzan Hughes Education Foundation
Suzan has been involved with countless charity organizations and has dedicated most of her life to help others.

In 2016 she founded S.H.E. - the Suzan Hughes Education Foundation, which will focus on education of parenting, giving them tools and information to provide gourmet parenting.
In 1994, Suzan Hughes co-founded the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF).........(more)

"Brought to You By" Sponsor for Roger Neal's 2017 Oscar Viewing Dinner.
BESTWAY group is a leading enterprise focusing on medical beauty chains, general health management, R&D medical products and medical database, bringing global medical resources and tech into line for premium clients, as well as a life platform for beauty, health and elegance.....(more)

Autism Changes
"Brought to You By" Sponsor for Roger Neal's 2017 Oscar Viewing Dinner. Autism Changes is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to bring compassion, inclusion, and acceptance to autism communities all around the world.
The Foundation’s goal is to create awareness by empowering others to give autism and individuals with special needs a voice....(more)

Shi Pu Lin (SPRIN Jewelry)
"Brought to You By" Sponsor for Roger Neal's 2017 Oscar Viewing Dinner. SHI PU LIN stands for "Sincere Poems Recited In Nature". We speak the language of gemology.
Our fashion jewelry uses the finest gems to compose love poems for you and your loved ones. Combining state of the art technology with naturalistic designs, each unique piece discovers the beauty and poetry that resides in nature......(more)

Usana Health Sciences
The world is full of toxins. Your body doesn’t have to be.
USANA’s high-end nutritionals support healthy liver function and digestion to help support your body’s detox system......(more)

Knight Beauties
Knight Beauties offers a wide selection of unique, contemporary jewelry incorporating face chains.
Some of the pieces are interchangeable and can be worn as a necklace. The look they create is eye catching......(more)

Mauridi Cosmetic
100% botanical, cruelty-free, paraben-free makeup and skincare that is just as much good for you as it looks good on you.
BEHIND THE BRAND: As a professional makeup artist, I spent many days in the summer of 2010 in the hot sun making up models for fashion events. I never thought about using a sunscreen for protection. By the end of the summer.... I was diagnosed with skin cancer and had to undergo a series of UV light treatments....(more)

Buzzies are non-invasive, neuroscience lifestyle wearables that use patent-pending BLAST (bilateral alternating stimulation-tactile) technology to relieve stress and anxiety and improve focus, performance and sleep.
Buzzies are designed to improve self-regulation and have been shown to reduce stress by 74% in just 30 seconds and move the body towards a state of calm vs. the fight/flight/freeze (F3) response....(more)

Sherry Damron Ministries
Broken, bruised, and abused, Sherry Damron would never be a wife or mother, because those rights had been stripped from her through no choice of her own.
She turned to drugs and alcohol. But now she is preaching the Gospel of grace to the nations, signed a contract with Loretta Lynn on a re-write of Mrs. Lynn’s #1 hit song: “You Ain’t Woman Enough.”  Sherry’s re-written version is: “You Ain’t Devil Enough To Change God’s Plans” ....(more) 

Sunshine Mountain Vineyard
Sunshine Mountain Vineyard situated on a hilltop with paranoma view toward Pacific Ocean.
It has a tasting house that can accommodate up to 200 plus guests with plenty parking and an outdoor fireplace to host your events. We are undergoing the permit evaluation and will offer the location for rental with city approval.....(more) 

Black Coffee Air Roasters
Our unique method for roasting allows for a deep, dark and richly roasted brew without the burnt and bitter aftertaste. We source our beans from high altitude regions of Africa and Central America. Air Roasting highlights the unique flavor notes of our Arabica beans. 
Each bag of Black Coffee is air roasted to perfection in small batches by our trained technicians.  What is Air Roasting you might ask?.... (more) 

L.A. Lobster Party
Authentic New England style Lobster and Clambakes now available in Southern California.
Live Maine lobsters and clams are prepared onsite at your event or party for your guests to experience and enjoy.....(more) 

The Lobos Truck
The Lobos Truck invented Wachos!
Lobos may mean wolves in Spanish, but The Lobos Truck is more known in the Los Angeles food truck scene for its deliciously comforting mac and cheeses, Kobe Chinook burger, and Wachos.....(more) 

Mascarpone Cheesecake
Chef Turok created his signature Mascarpone Cheesecake recipe after being inspired by his Chef Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, which he graduated from in ’08 with Honors.
From there, he went on to work with some of the great Chefs/restaurants in L.A. which include:Providence, on Abbot Kinney, Hatfield’s, Monsieur Marcel, CASA, and did stints for Spago/Wolfgang Puck Catering......(more) 

Introducing the Chagit® Health Shot, the easiest way to help improve your health everyday.
The Health Shot is a 2oz daily drink crafted from the chaga mushroom, the most powerful antioxidant superfood ever found.  An ancient secret of the Inuit people of Siberia and Alaska, chaga grows only in the coldest places on Earth, where it helps the natives survive the brutal winters.......(more)  

Belleek Castle
They are giving every star coming to The RNSH Oscar Viewing Dinner a stay at their unique castle.
Belleek Castle was built between 1825 and 1831, on the site of a medieval abbey, one of four along the River Moy......(more)

Celebrity Page TV
They are providing Media coverage for the RNSH Suite and Viewing Dinner.

Discover Hollywood Magazine
They are providing Media coverage for the RNSH Suite and Viewing Dinner.

Timmy Woods Collectible Wood Handbags
Timmy Woods will have her Oscar collection of handbags in the Suite.
Inspired by handmade wooden boxes, Timmy sees these handcrafted wooden handbags as a fresh statement in fashion and as sculptured pieces of art. On the cutting edge of art and fashion, each bag is carved from fallen Acacia trees and is hand-made taking 30 days to complete.....(more)

G.M. Collin
Stars that come to the Suite will be treated to the latest and most innovative treatments available in the U.S.
G.M. Collin recognizes the importance of the “Red Carpet Glow” and will be providing the ultimate skincare solutions before the big night.  G.M. Collin will be the exclusive skincare provider at the Roger Neal Style Hollywood Beauty Suites performing clinical skincare treatments for Hollywood’s biggest which will include homecare products to prepare them for the big night and give their skin that special glow as they stroll down the Red Carpet!...(more)

Natalie K Diamonds
Natalie K Diamonds becomes household name.
Natalie K. Diamonds created a $ 1Million Dollar Hair Accessory and made Oscar History as the most expensive hair accessory ever made Roger Neal created the idea and Natalie K Diamonds produced the hair accessory using their breathtaking diamonds. Roger Neal scored repeatedly for the Natalie K Diamonds and....(more)

Mary's Cake Shop
One of the hottest cake designers in Hollywood.
Mary's Cakes are fast becoming a Hollywood favorite. She is the CAKE BOSS. Mary will have samples of her cakes for the Stars to try and she will unveil a special Oscar cake in the Suite....(more)

Longshot Mobile Espresso Bar
Longshot Coffee, specializing in creating high end pop up espresso bars for LA's finest and most exclusive parties, award shows, movie sets, convention centers and business' alike. Here to solve any espresso emergency.
Longshot Mobile Espresso Bars are perfect for any occasion; we promise to keep everyone well-caffeinated with the best lattes, cappuccinos and “flat whites” in Los Angeles.....(more)

Lorimar Winery
At Lorimar Vineyards and Winery we engage your senses with a blend of handcrafted wines, live music, local art, gourmet food and captivating views of the Temecula Valley.
Our award-winning wines are approachable, with fruit forward styles that showcase our dedication to producing the best product from grape to glass. We always strive to create a memorable and unique experience, and to contribute to life’s most special moments.....(more)

Hint Water is unsweetened flavored water that refreshes without calories, sweeteners and preservatives
Hint Water is available in a variety of flavors such as watermelon, blackberry, crisp apple and blood orange. Hint also produces a sparkling version called Hint Fizz, available in flavors such as grapefruit, blackberry and strawberry-kiwi.
Hint is pure wholesome water with nothing but natural fruit oils and essences – now there’s a hintcentive you can happily drink to!.....(more)

Glamour Bombonier Brazilian Sweets
Beautiful Gourmet Brazilian Sweets for all occasions: wedding, birthday parties, Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter, graduation, and personal gift boxes, also vegan chocolates.
I have always had a passion for making sweets and deserts since a very young age helping and learning from my aunt in Brazil. After the death of my daughter in 2012, I fell into a deep depression and it was a very difficult time in my life. God gave me the desire to make chocolates again....(more)

Jeannie Bottles & Artist Mario Della Casa
Mario Della Casa will making wishes come true at our suite this year.
Mario A.C. Della Casa is the ONLY Artist that was ever Licensed as  “The Official Artist” by Sony Entertainment to create the “Authorized I Dream of Jeannie Bottle!” No Artist can make this claim! JeannieBottles are beautifully handcrafted & hand painted and created in Unbreakable Brass & a Varity of Stunning Glass.....(more)

Edward P. Damphouse- Author
Just a normal all-American family. That's exactly what this family looked like from the outside, but a look inside shows a different picture.
This is the story of a man that made it through unimaginable childhood abuse and faced the fear and pain of demon possession. His wife and children battled through it with him and help tell his story.....(more)

Ethel Richard - Author
HELD IN EVIDENCE, The Bobby Sherman Miracle By Ethel C. Richard with Dr. John Breeding, PhD. Four-Book Series begins with Ethel's childhood and teenage years. Her life in a mental institution, her travels throughout the United States and her visits with Bobby Sherman. 
The dark and terrifying events that led up to her disappearance and the days and years that followed are what make up this compelling autobiography of an attempted murder and electroshock survivor.....(more)




Roger Neal believes in supporting charities. The charities for this year are The Thalians, and Sheryl Lee Ralph's Diva Foundation.....(more)

The Thalians

The Thalians - "Hollywood for Mental Health" for over a half century; currently devoted to helping UCLA Operation Mend’s brave military men and women heal the wounds of war. Not only in body, but mind and spirit as well. See more HERE
In 2007, Philip Wagner began to dream about bringing clean water to people in Africa and other places around the world.  He began to rally others to the cause, establish an organization and empower a generation to provide clean water to as many people as possible.  See more HERE

The Diva Foundation
Sheryl Lee Ralph's Diva Foundation is a national not-for-profit 501C(3) charitable organization that was founded by Sheryl Lee Ralph, in 1990, as a memorial to the many friends she had lost to HIV/AIDS. See more HERE