Suzan Hughes Education Foundation
Presenting Sponsor for the 2018 Oscar Viewing Dinner, was also Presenting Sponsor for the 2017 Oscar Viewing Dinner. Suzan has been involved with countless charity organizations and has dedicated most of her life to help others.
 In 2016 she founded S.H.E. - the Suzan Hughes Education Foundation, which will focus on education of parenting, giving them tools and information to provide gourmet parenting.

In 1994, Suzan Hughes co-founded the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF). Since 1997, Suzan Hughes has worked as a Community Circle Leader for the Maple Counseling Center in the Beverly Hills School District for seven years. She sat on the Board and taught weekly classes covering a broad range of subjects such as bullying, stranger danger and how to take on and resolve personal issues. Later 1999, Suzan Hughes joined Jim Starr, former LAPD Officer as "Sergeant Sue", teaching "back-to-basics " health and safety to children in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). As Sargent Sue, Suzan Hughes sang and acted out scenarios for large groups of children in the school auditoriums teaching over 20,000 students in the LAUSD. She enacted live demonstrations adding in music to demonstrate challenging subjects like stranger danger, self-respect, social responsibility, safety and nutrition. She was also a chairperson of the board of Star*Gem Foundation.

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Suzan Hughes, founder of S. H. E., Presenting Sponsor at 2017 Oscar Viewing Dinner








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