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About Roger Neal's Style Hollywood
Fast track your fashions, accessories, products to the stars

ROGER NEAL’S STYLEHOLLYWOOD is a E-Magazine and is the only one dedicated to fast tracking your products, fashions, and accessories to the A-List stars. If you have ever dreamed of how great it would be to get your product, accessory or design direct to the stars and those who dress the stars - NOW YOU CAN!

This E-Publication is not for the public; our E-magazine featuring select designers of fashions, accessories and products is sent to an exclusive list of major stylists in Hollywood, New York, and London.  Every head of wardrobe to sitcoms, episodes, and to every costume designer, set designer, for feature films, TV specials and all major hair and makeup stylists to the stars,  all with whom we have a personal  and trusted relationship.

This is how the process works - if you have a product or design you feel is star-worthy, we will get it to them, but first we must see your product or design to assess appeal for the stars. After review and acceptance, we will want to spotlight your fashions and require you to take out an ad. It is not just any ad - our ads are stories with pictures written by Hollywood writers, Your ad will not look like an ad, but instead it will look like a feature story.

For Example - Our Gold ad is a full page story and comes with 8 pictures about you and your design or product. That’s not all - you also get a media hit by ROGER NEAL OF NEAL PR in either TV or print. Roger has made many designers household names over the years.

No matter what level you choose, you're a winner, because your design, or product will be seen by the people that count in Hollywood; the power players behind scenes who influence the stars. Not only that we make sure that the stylists and heads of wardrobe see your design or product in person. It is our mission to get your products or fashions on the stars for major events, or to get the stars to use them, or to have them used in films or TV series. This will give  major exposure worldwide to your fashions or product and to consumers; whatever stars use or wear - consumers want to buy it.

The exposure you will get from us putting your designs on stars will give you major media exposure and in return creates consumers wanting to buy those items the stars have, and that creates stores wanting to carry your fashion or product.

For more info, please call Roger or Lynn Neal at 714-883-0231 / 323-366-2796
or  E-Mail:

- Roger & Lynn Neal



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Dec. 2015 -
Letter from the Executive Producers -
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