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Roger Neal believes in supporting charities. The charities for this year are The Thalians, Generosity.org and Sheryl Lee Ralph's Diva Foundation.


One sunny day in 2007 Philip Wagner was buying a cappuccino at Starbucks and noticed a headline in the newspaper that 1.1 billion people did not have access to clean drinking water.  This crisis caused the death of millions and caused the rampant spread of disease and poverty.  

It was at this time that Philip began to dream about bringing clean water to people in Africa and other places around the world.  He began to rally others to the cause, establish an organization and empower a generation to provide clean water to as many people as possible. 

For the last 10 years, with the more of the world's attention and involvement in the clean water crisis and the generosity of so many people, the UN’s estimate of 1.1 billion has decreased to 663 million. But, there is still so much work to be done – and millions of people who desperately need clean water. 

Clean water affects every aspect of life, from health, education, quality of life and the ability to break out of the cycle of poverty.  Having access to a clean water source is instrumental in building the foundation of a successful and thriving community and essential to each person's ability to dream, to work and flourish in life.

Since its foundation, Generosity.org has worked to meet clean water needs in developing countries around the world, with the mission to end the clean water crisis, one community at a time. 

Now, ten years later, with the help of his son Jordan Wagner, his long time friend, Justin Beckett, the incredible supporters and implementing partners, Generosity.org has funded more than 775 water projects, serving 450,000 people in 20 different countries.  

In 2017, Generosity will focus its efforts primarily in Haiti, Uganda and countries in  Central and South America, rallying people to join the mission to end the clean water crisis and experience the spirit of generosity.

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