Kirsten Korot International
Master Vibrational Sound Therapist, Guided Imagery Master and Intuitive Coach Kirsten Korot is gifting a Customized Private Sound Healing Session.

Kirsten customizes her sessions to each person’s needs using sound and other modalities that can include breathwork, guided visualization or intuitive guidance. A unique and powerful experience as you lay back and are bathed in a beautiful vibrational symphony of healing tones from Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes, Ocean Drum and other sound healing instruments.  It is a gentle massage for all the cells of your body to rebalance, sooth, harmonize and energize them.

Actress Kate Vernon loves a personal sound healing treatment to relax and rejuvenate.

Private Session in Malibu

Some of the benefits include: *Reduces Pain  *Stress Relief and Relaxation *Improves Sleep  *Improves Concentration and Focus  *Aids in relieving the psychological and physical effects of dealing with Illness and medical treatments.  *Activates the body’s own Self-Healing mechanisms and enhances the immune system *Stimulates blood circulation *Reduces blood pressure  *Reduces Depression

Kirsten knows the Power of Sound Healing firsthand. In 2004, she was diagnosed with a  life threatening illness and put on experimental  medical treatments with little hope it would cure the disease. When one of the doctors gave up on her in the first month of treatment, she decided to create her own healing regime which incorporated sound healing and guided visualization alongside the chemo-like treatments.  Two months  later, Kirsten was playing the Tibetan Bowls on her body while doing her guided visualization and she had an intuition that the illness was gone from her body. 

The next bloodwork confirmed the illness was undetectable and she has been free of the disease since 2007.  That miraculous healing journey led her to help others. She works not only with those dealing with ilness but as a guide and coach to help people through the unknowns and stresses of everyday life to find more clarity, peace and balance.

Recently featured in VoyageLA magazine as one of L.A.'s Most Inspiring Stories.

Group Sound Bath at Private Event

Nature Nurture Experiences™ with the Wolf Ambassadors Apex Pack

As the Founder of Nature Nurture Experiences™ Kirsten creates unique experiences like her most popular  "Healing Hike, Dinner & Sunset Soundbath with Wolf Ambassadors" that combines a day in nature, with unique experiences with animals and sound healing and proceeds also help to raise funds for several wonderful organizations dedicated to animals, nature and the environment.

Visit Kirsten at  
Facebook & Instagram @ kirstenkorotinternational





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