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The Lobos Truck
The Lobos Truck invented Wachos!

Lobos may mean wolves in Spanish, but The Lobos Truck is more known in the Los Angeles food truck scene for its deliciously comforting mac and cheeses, Kobe Chinook burger, and Wachos - a wildly popular combination of waffle fries and nachos - than the wolf on the red truck’s logo.

Jasmine Wolf, who owns and operates the truck with her husband, named the truck after her father’s longtime nickname “Lobos” derived from their surname. They really like doing truck events because it's a great sense of community. People come out and have a great time eating at all the trucks, even when it rains. They also do UCLA basketball, private events, and all kinds of fun bars.

They serve American Comfort food with a twist! They use quality meats, organic produce and lots of flavor in every heartwarming dish.


A popular WACHO!




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