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Natalie K Diamonds
Natalie K becomes a household name. Roger Neal of Neal Public Relations and Roger Neal's Style Hollywood once again took a accessory designer who was not known and made them into a household name.

Natalie K with Marie Osmond
at our Golden Globe Suite.

Natalie K. Diamonds created a 1-Million Dollar Hair Accessory and made Oscar History as the most expensive hair accessory ever made. Roger Neal created the idea and Natalie K Diamonds produced the hair accessory using their breathtaking diamonds. Roger Neal scored repeatedly for the Natalie K Diamonds and they were a hit on the red carpet at the Emmy’s, Sag, Grammy, Golden Globe and Oscars. Their stunning  diamonds for men and women were worn by the A-list of Hollywood, from Nikki Blonsky star of Hairspray to 6 Oscar Nominees wearing her jewelry men and women to the Oscars, Kimmora Lee Simmons wore the 1-Million Dollar hair accessory to the Oscars, which was reported on worldwide and in such magazines as Life and Style Magazine, CNN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL NETWORK, GOOD  MORNING AMERICA to name a few.

Natalie K Diamonds struck again when Roger Neal arranged for the fabulous baubles to be  worn by The Young & The Restless star Melody Thomas Scott on the cover of Soaps In Depth magazine’s holiday issue.

MK Diamonds & Jewelry and the Natalie K Collection are not only fashion-forward diamond designs, but also hip, edgy and classic. The Natalie K Collection was inspired by Natalie, the beautiful 19-year old daughter of Moshe Kraiem, owner of MK Diamonds & Jewelry. These fabulous gemstones emanate from Africa, Israel, Russia and Canada and are amongst the finest quality precious stones in the world.

Natalie K with Perry Reeves, star of the Golden Globe nominated TV show "Entourage"
at our Golden Globe Suite

Thirty years ago, Kraiem was importing rough stones and selling them to other jewelers. “They were so beautiful that it was a natural evolution for us to begin to design our own pieces”, he says. Trendsetters in the diamond fashion world, M K Diamonds & Jewelry and Natalie K are hard to beat in dazzle, color and color combinations. “We put semi-precious stones together with our colored diamonds that set off any woman’s coloring and compliment any gown or outfit she may wear”, says Kraiem.

When it comes to style, MK Diamonds & Jewelry and Natalie K are far ahead of the pack in couture jewelry. “We have an extensive collection of colored gemstones and when combined with semi-precious stones including amethyst, sapphire, peridot, citrine, aquamarine or any other gemstone, they are incredibly beguiling to the eye”, says Kraiem. “It’s the unique mix of colored gemstones and diamonds that creates the eye-catching excitement of our pieces. We can create as significant a piece or as delicate a piece as you want, anything that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable”, he says. MK Diamonds also specializes in canary yellow diamonds, rare and rich in color with an extraordinary selection from which to choose.

Natalie K with Disney film star Corbin Bleu at our Golden Globes Suite

Natalie K recently announced a new addition - The Perfect Diamond  “Ideal Cut” which far exceeds most anyone’s diamond expectations. This unique diamond is set to reflect 8 perfects hearts and 8 perfect arrows and creates create a brilliance unmatched by other designers.

MK Diamonds & Jewelry feels that each diamond, just like the woman who wears it, is unique; therefore each diamond in theNatalie K Collection is laser inscribed with the Natalie K logo andits own unique identification number. An EGL certificate as well as an appraisal accompanies thelaser inscribed diamond.  This certificate verifies your diamond’s unique laser inscribed number as well as the cut, carat weight, clarity and the quality of your diamonds.

“We raise the bar higher every day”, says Natalie who along with her father is creating special custom pieces for the A-list of Hollywood to wear to the top events in town including: The Emmy’s, Golden Globes, Oscars, The Grammy’s, The People’s Choice Awards and more. You will be hearing the name Natalie K up and down the Golden Globe and Oscar Red Carpet, as they have become the hottest jewelry designers in town, thanks to Roger Neal.

Natalie K has something for everyone who wants an eye-popping piece to complete a high fashion couture gown, a tailored designer suit, a dazzling bridal gown, an elegant cocktail dress or black-tie dinner; or as fashion forward in jeans and a t-shirt.  MK Diamonds & Jewelry and the Natalie K Collection can be found in stores across the USA, Caribbean, Canada and Mexico.

Once again Roger Neal took a accessory designer and turned them into the hottest jewelry designer in Hollywood, now when Harry Winston is mentioned so is Natalie K Diamonds.





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Natalie K $1,000,000 hair accessory worn to the Oscars by Kimmora Lee Simmons