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Edward P. Damphouse - Author
Just a normal all-American family. That's exactly what this family looked like from the outside, but a look inside shows a different picture.

This is the story of a man that made it through unimaginable childhood abuse and faced the fear and pain of demon possession. His wife and children battled through it with him and help tell his story.

The setting for this story is in itself an interesting and scary place, a possible demon or satanic portal. The house has a wall with a face that appears on it; even after being painted over, the face returns. An answering machine that just randomly starts talking and a radio that turns itself on, an unplugged radio that is. There is a walled-over window that a neighbor saw someone looking out of and curtains that blew straight out, even though the window was closed.

In this house Ed went through many physical manifestations which included him walking on his toes and fingertips, slithering across the floor like a snake and managing to fit under a very low bed, very loudly growling like an animal, physically twisting in unnatural positions for a human being, and even collapsing in an apparent heart attack. Satan once even left 3 sets of six teeth marks on Ed's side after a manifestation.

Out of Darkness is one family's story of broken generational curses, escape from demon possession, and triumph over Satan!






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