Sherry Damron Ministries
Broken, bruised, and abused, Sherry Damron would never be a wife or mother, because those rights had been stripped from her through no choice of her own.

She turned to drugs and alcohol. But now she is preaching the Gospel of grace to the nations, signed a contract with Loretta Lynn on a re-write of Mrs. Lynn’s #1 hit song: “You Ain’t Woman Enough.”  Sherry’s re-written version is: “You Ain’t Devil Enough To Change God’s Plans.”   Sherry has also released her first book: Undone, is a wife and mom, has two CDs, her own TV program: “I Still Believe,” airing nationally, and has a growing number of churches in Pakistan.

If you have ever felt that you could not accomplish your dreams and plans, read this book!  This is a story of God’s miraculous GRACE!

This is the story of an “underdog.”  … everybody loves an underdog.

Sherry Damron is dyslectic…. Because of being dyslectic she was placed in remedial classes and assumed she could not learn… the fact that she authored a book is a miracle within itself. She also faced great shame and ridicule because of her disability -  which led to the abuse. Sherry suffered years of abuse… verbal, sexual, and physical and has overcome all.

There is life after divorce. Sherry and her husband (Mr. Damron) adopted their son…Vhe is from the home of addicted parents… he too, through the Word of God, has turned inevitable failure into a success story.

This book also has priceless revelations from scriptural truths…. so… anyone who enjoys the study of The Word of God will benefit from this book. Many churches have purchased this book and requested a study guide.

Quotes from the book:

“Religion births bondage – Relationship sets the captives free.”

“The absence of knowing who we are IN CHRIST creates the perfect stage for abuse and failure.”

“No addict wants to be an addict; no prostitute wants to be a prostitute – God doesn’t condemn… HE TRANSFORMS.”

“You are free from YOURSELF to be the beautiful YOU that you were created to be.”

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